Toreus’ Incentivized Testnet Campaign

6 min readMar 20, 2023 testnet is live

Today marks another milestone for the Toreus protocol, as our testnet campaign will go live @ 16:00 UTC on the 20th of March. Below is a comprehensive guide on the different steps/actions we would like you to test, but you’re welcome to diverge from this ‘happy path’ and try different things. As a compensation for your time/effort, we will be airdropping $TORE to anyone who completes the Crew3 quests and has a valid EVM Address stored with their Crew3 account. A total of 300.000 $TORE will be available for this campaign.

Each step in this tutorial corresponds to 1 Quest in Crew3. There are 3 additional quests for bug reports, with some hefty XP. Details on how to report a bug are in the Quests’ description. The team will approve bug reports based on the quality & completeness of the report.

As a general rule of thumb, always hard(refresh) before submitting bugs, we are aware of some caching issues and overal slow responsiveness of the KAVA Testnet.


In order to start the testnet campaign, you’ll need the following things:

  • An ERC-20 wallet, Metamask is the preferred choice;
    If you use a ledger, make sure you’ve enabled ‘ Blind Signing’ on your ledger.
  • An account in our Crew3 campaign, invite link is in our Discord;
  • A Discord account with the role ‘member’.

Step 1: Going through the motions

To pay for transactions, tKAVA or Testnet KAVA is needed. You can request tKAVA from the official faucet.

  • Add the KAVA Testnet RPC through Chainlist or manually.
  • Go to the official faucet
  • Sign in with your preferred wallet (Keplr is NOT supported)
  • Paste your ERC-20 address where you want to receive the tokens
    This should be the same address you’ve provided in Crew3
  • Complete the captcha and press ‘Request Tokens’
The official KAVA testnet faucet

Step 2: Off to the stables

Toreus will have several assets to deposit and borrow. For the testnet campaign, we’ve created a seperate faucet where you can mint USDC/USDT/DAI which can be supplied and borrowed on Toreus. To get these tokens, you must:

The Toreus Testnet Faucet
  • Before minting any asset, take note of the Decimals, for DAI these are 18, meaning a ‘1' with 18 zeros will give you 1 DAI.
    tip: use
  • Mint some DAI, USDT & USDC
  • Verify that you’ve minted all 3 assets by checking your balance, you can do this on the faucet, or by adding the contract addresses of all 3 coins to your wallet

Step 3: Get connected

It’s now time to connect with Toreus:

  • Go to
  • Connect your wallet in the top right
  • Upon succesful connection, click on your wallet in the top right.
  • Read the disclaimer and accept/decline.
A sucesfull connection with Toreus

Step 4: Dropping things off

“ All roads lead to Rome”

Time to deposit these freshly minted assets on Toreus.
There are several ways to achieve this, and some hints and guides are already in our docs. I’ll be using the Dashboard, but you can also click on each asset on the Deposit page, and deposit through there.

  • Click on an asset to deposit, e.g. USDT
Deposit page for USDT
  • Approve and Deposit your USDT
  • Do the same for USDC & DAI
  • Verify on the Dashboard or Deposit page that your assets are now with the Toreus protocol
Toreus Dashboard, bottom left indicating 1000 USDT deposit
Toreus Deposit, far right indicating the 1000 USDT deposit

Step 5: Borrowing assets

Borrowing works similair to depositting. To start:

  • Go to the Dashboard
Bottom left of the Dashboard, your deposits and collateral.
  • Confirm your deposits are enabled as Collateral, without it, you are unable to borrow. You can enable/disable Collateral by using the toggle on the Dashboard.
  • Go to the Borrow page
  • Press on an asset to borrow
  • Enter the amount to borrow, while taking note of the Risk Factor, and press continue
  • Press Approve & Borrow.
  • Execute all these steps for USDT, USDC & DAI.
Toreus Borrow page, indicating 750 USDT is borrowed
Toreus Dashboard, indicating your Deposit and Borrow information

Step 6: More $TORE

Now that we’ve supplied and borrowed assets, we’re generating revenue for the protocol. Toreus users are rewarded for providing assets with the $TORE token, of which 0 will be in circulation @ TGE. If you’ve recently supplied/borrowed, your $TORE rewards might be small, so it’s OK to continue with this step on a later time, the campaign runs for at least a week, maybe 2.

$TORE rewards need to be vested, in order to move them to your wallet. You can read more about this in our docs.

To complete this step, you’ll need to:

  • Go to either the Dashboard or Home and Vest your $TORE tokens, by approving the transaction after clicking on the Vest button. Take note of the ammount of $TORE you’ve accumulated.
  • Go to Manage and confirm your tokens are staked/vesting.
Toreus Manage page
  • Under Toreus Vests, on the same page, you should see the amount of $TORE that is vesting, and their unlock date.
  • $TORE is subject to a 3 month lock-up, but you’re able to unlock early with a 50% penalty. The penalty gets redistributed to stake-lockers. For the testnet campaign, you are required to press Claim All.
Toreus Manage page Early unlock
  • Once you’ve claimed the $TORE you should see your $TORE balance be updated at the top of the Manage page, or in your wallet.
    Testnet TORE address: 0x88A0737A9b8FF82b5a365Bf7Fe0EdEA8b596CD6F

Step 7: Master of the Bulls

Now that your wallet holds some $TORE, it’s time to either stake or lock them in Toreus. The differences between them can be found in our docs and we’ve also made this graphic for reference:

To complete this step, you’ll need to:

  • From the Manage page, Approve and Stake or Lock your $TORE tokens.
Stake(vest) and Lock TORE on the Manage page
  • Staking/Vesting $TORE will be displayed on the top as Staked.
    Locked $TORE will be displayed on the top as Locked.
  • As Staked $TORE isn’t locked, you’ll see that the Unlocked Toreus amount is the same to the total amount you Staked.
  • Locked $TORE is, like your initial $TORE rewards, locked for 3 months. With the added benefit of receiving protocol revenue. If you scroll down on the Manage page, you can see your $TORE locks and the fees they accrued. On the bottom right there is a Claim button to receive the fees.
Bottom of the Manage page, TORE locks and accrued fees.

This concludes the tesnet tutorial, but you’re more than welcome to try out different features of the Toreus protocol and provide bug reports through our Crew3 for some extra XP. The above is just the ‘happy path’, so go click around, break stuff and report any issues you may find.

One more thing…

Wen Airdrop ser?

The airdrop will be done after TGE




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